I decided to learn German with the goal to move to Germany to live and work within the next 3-5years. I have a high level, specialised job in the UK so need to achieve at the very least B2 level German – I came to Svava speaking next to no German whatsoever. Svava has now been myteacher for 9 months, we have had one or two lessons per week fitted to my work schedule (54 lessons in total) and I am currently working to complete level A1.2.
Svava is a remarkably astute and fastidious academic professional, she was able to discern mylanguage and learning needs very quickly. Since our first lesson, she has personally tailored my Deutsch course and continues to do so, so that the guided syllabus addresses my learning needs aswell as my questions and curiosities in a structured manner. She is a very motivated, passionate teacher who is always happy to discuss and explore the nuances of the language and grammar further. We have even had lessons dedicated to understanding regional differences in Deutsch; accents, culture and inflexions. Svava will not simply take you through a text book, but uses an array of learning portals, tools and resources to build your knowledge of the language. On top of this she has recommend a multitude of other resources (websites, books, magazines) to support my learningin my own time. It is a pleasure to have a teacher with genuine passion for language, I wouldabsolutely recommend Svava if you’re looking to learn a language and have fun in the process.