Hi, I'm Svava.

In 2012, I have started to teach my first private student online. In the meantime I have taught over 300 students online and face-to-face, as well as groups up to 30 and after a few years in schools and colleges, I am back to teach my students online, for more than 1000 hours. I have set up my website and a LinkedIn profile.

For the cultivation of our awareness and knowledge of important scientific discoveries I have created the Nobel Prizewinner list. I am encouraging my Chemistry students to contribute to this list, for the female students to contribute with one or two female Nobel Prizewinners and the male students with one or two male Nobel Prizewinners of the field of Chemistry. I offer 2 free lessons to those students contributing with their Nobel Prizewinners list to me.

Whatever your motivation and background is, lessons can be tailored to your needs.